Harry Klein Records 005


It's not really necessary to explain what the Oktoberfest is all about, more interesting is what's going on in the city besides the actual festival. Basically, people from far and wide travel to Munich to drink beer and get wasted. Some folk lose their inhibitions, pissing and puking all over the streets. Some even have sex in public during the day, for example down by the riverside of the isar, which is normally a peaceful family-friendly place. It's pretty crazy how the whole mood and tolerance changes during those two weeks, in the city known for it's conservative attitude. But the Bavarians love it somehow, and suddenly you see them all over town in their finest traditional clothing. It's a bizarre event in the capital of Bavaria at the beginning of autumn every year. But we love it, because it's just nice to sit in the sun with a group of friends, drinking tasty beer and eating nice grilled chicken! It always depends what you make of it, kind of like a rave. Daniel Stefanik - Ultraschall "Ultraschall" is an homage to the first big techno club in Munich. The owners of Harry Klein were part of the old Ultraschall, which has a unique legendary status nowadays.The older generation in particular often long for the good old days. Yes those times shouldn't be forgotten, especially not in terms of sound, but it's also important to move on and attempt new things. Like supporting vinyl, going to a wholefood shop or ending war. Ok that might sound like a broken record, but how about spending less time on Facebook and actually with your friends, cooking for your parents or organizing a break dance battle in your backyard? Daniel takes us on a journey through the past and back to the future again. A charming mixture of laid-back grooves combined with some rough n ready rave moments make this a rapturous trip, no matter what time it is. Vivianne Projects - If You Lose My Number Track names are a really interesting element of music. Some artists don't care about them at all and call their tracks a1 or something non-descript. Yet many titles can be really funny, others made up words, and some correspond to current events or times. Some just really fit the sound.If you lose something, in general it's a pretty nasty and unsettling feeling. But you have to deal with bad luck when it strikes. Losing something can teach you an important lesson, or simply show you what it means to be unfortunate and down. Not knowing the lows as well as the highs wont allow you to evaluate life very well. Most important is to really feel and be yourself, despite the ups and downs. istening... Less...

Fresh arrived the new Harry Klein Record with tracks by Daniel Stefanik and Vivianne Projects. Artwork by our photographer Nadia Cortellesi.
Available at decks.de or in our thrustfully, favourite record store Optimal or beatport.

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