Harry Klein Records 003

Munich and sport: A holy alliance. Love and battle. Blood, sweat, tears, sperm. If the FC Bayern does not win the championship title all hell breaks lose in Munich City. First come, first serve. This dedication to sport also becomes quite apparent in Munichs townscape that only gets enriched with some avant-garde elements when sport is providing the topic of public discourse.

Conjure up the impressive surface texture of the Olympic stadiums roof construction or maybe our rainbow coloured spaceship carrying the name "Allianz-Arena". You have to look hard to find such kickabout-area-aesthetics anywhere. And of course: Bavaria and Olympia ... somehow they have always been funk soul sisters.

What unites both of them is the unconditional love for physical toughening and given that particularly rhythmical aerobics are rumoured to be reliving for body and soul the thought suggests itself to finally establish Techno as an Olympic competition discipline. For the Olympic winter games 2018 chances are at least good. For the sport-minded raver the good old 4/4 still seems the best of all possibilities to keep a check of his ideal weight. Weißwurst my ass!

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