Harry Klein Records 004

Prefabricated slab-construction buildings are not just some exclusive Eastern Berlin thing. Even in Munich all that glitters is not gold. In other words: There are those spots where nothing glitters at all. Especially the experienced raver is aware of the dark side of the spoon as well as of the fact that the world on a Monday morning might look significantly darker than his pupils on a Saturday night.

One good thing about Techno has at all times been that it's left completely unimpressed by social, racial and sexual differences. You are lesbian, black and broke? This way please ... Nothing seems more unifiying than a straight bassdrum. Nothing spurs on inspiration as much as a life in 4/4.

Certainly at this very moment some minor dawdler might sit behind one of those high-rise windows, creating the ultimate sound of the future on some cracked software, carelessly neglecting his homework. Wouldn't be the first time, though ...


Franco Cinelli - M Waves

Surely with forward-looking ambitions, Argentinian fellow Franco Cinelli drops one supremely laid-back groove in his track M Waves here, which is sliding over the HiHat while the synth sparkles in sunny absent-mindedness towards the open-air season in order to activate some of those endorphines. Even though Detroit remains present within the track's athmospheres, it is dominated by summerly lightness and it would be a bloody crime to keep this tune locked up in the darkness of the clubs forever. This is one gem of fluffy deepness.

Seuil - Freakin 4

The Flipside is delivered by Seuil, who has been a long standing companion with the Harry Klein community, and who just recently demonstrated what a House-Jazz-liaison is all about at the legendary Circus Company. And again with Freakin 4 Seuil defines coolness as some foot-tapping elegance, evoking a kind of Belmondo'ish tradition from back in the days when nonchalance had been inseparably associated with some ciggy in the corner of the mouth. However, when those swathes of a whizzing synth gather gently over the bouncy kick of a stoically driving drum pattern, one certainly can't resist giving in to a touch of sweet sweet melancholy. Oh, Jean-Paul ...

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